Our Values

Our Values

  • The interest of ADVANCE comes first and above our personal business agendas.
  • Courtesy and good humor in all our dealings thus availing an environment where cynicism, oppression and rudeness are not acceptable.
  • Proactive action with our clients and respond to their needs quickly, effectively and objectively.
  • Listen to and aim to understand alternative perspectives and put our own views across openly and constructively.
  • Positive cooperation with all staff members through supporting our leaders and encouraging our peers and developing our subordinates.
  • Respect towards each other’s needs to balance personal and business needs.
  • Learning from our experiences and making the time to enjoy our successes in the company of our co-workers and family.
  • Adhere to and promote soundness of moral character and ethical principles.
  • Transparency at all times.
  • Customer focused and regards our clients as the most important cause for our existence.
  • Enhance and promote team building as one of the means to improve service delivery.

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