Salary Loans

This Loan is intended for individuals with a regular salary from a reputable firm. The loan can be used for both personal development or consumption.

Main Features;

Loan size: 200.000 – UGX 5,000,000; Loan period: 4 – 24 Months
Interest rates: 4% fixed per Month; Other Charges: Application fee 3%; Credit life Insurance 1.5%
Security: Guarantors(2)/Chattles/ Land sales Agreements/ motorvehicles/ Land title

Basic Requirements

Must be above 18 years
Acurrent emploment for more than 12 months
Provide 3 most recent payslips
Provide a 6 months bank statement
Provide a contract or employment letter
Emplyer has signed a memorandum with AUMF
Provide proof of loan purpose

Target Customers: Salaried employees with a monthly fixed income

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