Individual Loans

ADVANCE Individual business Loan

This Loan is intended for individuals with own enterprise and would like to grow their business through increasing stocks, paying for rent, paying workers, improvements on rental units or paying for any other business activity.

Main Features; 

– Loan size: 500.000 – 100 Million
– Loan period: 4 – 24 Months
– Interest rates: 4% Per Month
– Other Charges: Application fee 3% Credit life Insurance 1.5%
– Security: Guarantors(2)/Chattles/Land sales Agreements/ Motorvehicles/ Land Title

Basic Requirements

– Must be above 18 years
– Must have been in business for 12 months
– Must provide current trading licence
– Provide proof of home/business ownership
– Have some records of business income
– Provide proof of loan purpose

Target Customers:

Retail and Wholesale shops, Mini Supermarkets and Groceries, Transport – Taxi and Boda Bodas, Salons and Barber shops, Institutions like Schools, Hardware and General Stores
Clinics, Pharmacies and Drug shops.

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