Asset Loans

Financing is for progressive businesses that want to
boost their production and reduce labour costs by
buying business assets or improving on existing structures in order to increase efficiency and income.

Main Features

– Loan size: 500.000 – 50,000,000
– Loan period: 6-24 Months
– Interest rates: 3% – 4% per Month
– Security: Guarantors(2)/Chattles/ Land sales
Agreements/ Motorvehicles/Land title

Basic Requirements

– Must be above 18 years
– Must have been in business for 12 months
– Must provide current trading license
– Have some records of business income
– Asset to be bought will be part of security

Eligible Assets

Fridges and freezers – Boda Bodas
Motor Vehicles – Furniture
Electronics Equipment
Alternative Enery Equipment – Solar

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